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Membership in the Association

Membership in the Association of Collaborative Family Law Attorneys, Inc. provides attorneys, financial specialists, mediators and mental health professionals with the resources, training and support to develop, grow and participate in a collaborative practice.

Benefits of Membership:

  • Ability to participate as a collaborative practitioner;
  • Listing on the Association’s web site as an active member and practitioner; the member-only link is accessible by password and provides resources on training and practice materials including protocols, forms and checklists;
  • Membership in the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals with a presence on the IACP web site and Receipt of “The Collaborative Review”;
  • A professionally-developed marketing plan promotes Collaborative Practice so that member referrals go up as public awareness builds;
  • Regular e-mail notice of upcoming events;
  • Mentoring by experienced professionals to assist in the growth and development of your practice;
  • Advanced ongoing training opportunities - from beginning to advanced
  • The Association is a valuable alliance for networking with attorneys and allied professionals who are committed to advancing the use of collaborative, non-adversarial strategies to help clients achieve agreements in a dignified and respectful manner

Membership Application

Download the Application for Continuing Membership
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Minimum Requirements for Membership:

You must have completed a two-day intensive Collaborative Law training program and commit to attending seven hours of ongoing training each year and participation in regular meetings as the Association requires. Annual dues are required. Further, members must commit themselves to faithfully observing all of the elements of the Principles of Collaborative Law and the Collaborative Law Participation Agreement.

Attorneys must have practiced Matrimonial and/or Family Law for at least five years or for two years with supplemental practical experience as the Association deems appropriate. Attorneys must be members in good standing of the New York State Bar.

Mental Health Professionals must have a professional license in the state of New York, in good standing or equivalent on a case by case basis and background, education and/or experience in family systems theory, individual and family life cycle and development, assessment of individual and family strengths, assessment and challenges of family dynamics in separation and divorce and challenges of restructuring families after separation.

Child Specialists must also have expertise in child development, clinical experience with a specialty focus on children and an in-depth understanding of children’s unique issues in divorce.

Mediators must fulfill the requirements of the New York State Council on Divorce Mediation and have specialized training in family mediation consisting of at least forty (40) training hours with a minimum of five (5) hours in each of the following: conflict resolution theory; psychological issues in separation, divorce, and family dynamics; issues and needs of children in divorce; mediation process and techniques; and family law, including custody, support, asset evaluation and distribution, and taxation as it relates to divorce; or equivalent on a case-by case basis.

Financial Specialists must have a professional license or designation in good standing in one of the following: CFP – Certified Financial Planner; CPA – Certified Public Accountant; CDFA - Certified Divorce Financial Analyst; CMA – Certified Management Accountant or equivalent on a case-by case basis. They must also have a background, education and/or experience in the financial aspects of divorce and individual and family planning concepts or equivalent on a case-by case basis.