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Photo of Sally A Smith

Sally A Smith

I work with separating and divorcing clients to help them achieve the best possible outcome without escalating conflict. With assistance from caring, knowledgeable collaborative professionals, divorcing and separating couples can craft settlements that work for them and their families. As an attorney who has been practicing in the family law area for more than thirty years, I have experience in complex financial matters and in high conflict parenting matters.…

Photo of Beth A Ratchford

Beth A Ratchford

Photo of Gregory W Wise

Gregory W Wise

It is my goal to make collaborative law the predominant means for resolving matrimonial disputes, as it is my belief that this process does the least harm to my clients’ families.

Photo of Lori J Parker

Lori J Parker

Photo of Lewis J Heisman

Lewis J Heisman

Photo of S G Davidson

S G Davidson

I am a founding partner of our firm, which dates back to 1969. I have an active, full time pracitce and have over 45 years of experience in the Matrimonial and Family Law areas of law. I was Chairman of the New York State Bar Family Law Section, consisting of over 3,000 members throughout New York State, from 1986-1988 and a member of its Executive Committee since then.…

Photo of Jeanne M Colombo

Jeanne M Colombo

Matrimonial matters (such as divorce, custody) should lead to a positive restructuring of relationships. As an attorney with over 25 years of practice in this area, I have come to believe that the Collaborative process, where four people (two clients and two attorneys) use their combined skills, knowledge and expertise to forge solutions that facilitate positive adjustments in financial and living situations, is one of the best ways to resolve a dissolution of a marriage or union.…

Photo of Laurie A Donofrio

Laurie A Donofrio

A good rule for going through life is to keep the heart a little softer than the head — John Graham EMPOWERMENT: collaborative matrimonial law is a powerfully effective, needs-based approach to resolving the complex and emotionally charged issues confronting divorcing couples and their children. Through this client-centered approach, Ms. Donofrio has effectively assisted divorcing parties negotiate comprehensive separation and divorce agreements with dignity and integrity in a creative and civilized manner.

Photo of Steven M Beckerman

Steven M Beckerman

Photo of Wendy L Gould

Wendy L Gould

I represent people who are afraid of losing what is most important to them honoring the client?s need to be heard on the issues that are critical to them. My role is advisor, educator, and facilitator while my clients control the pace, the time spent in the process and the ultimate decision making. The Collaborative process is as viable for previously divorced or separated couples addressing current issues as it is for couples in the midst of their initial break-up.…

Photo of Vincent M Ferrero

Vincent M Ferrero

I believe Collaborative Law is the best way for most couples to resolve the issues they will encounter during a divorce. Unlike traditional divorce litigation, which is often typified by numerous court appearances, high costs, delays, and hurtful accusations, ultimately resulting in life-altering decisions being made for you and your children by a judge; Collaborative Law allows divorcing couples to maintain control over their lives during a time of great uncertainty and emotional upheaval.…

Photo of Stephen M Jacobstein

Stephen M Jacobstein

Photo of June Castellano

June Castellano

The law office offers representation to individuals facing family dissolution and conflict. Ms. Castellano has over thirty years of experience in litigation and negotiation. The firm emphasizes the individual nature of each case. The office is pleased to offer collaborative law to clients. Collaborative law provides a less stressful and more empowering method of resolving family conflict.…

Photo of Lisa B Morris

Lisa B Morris

Photo of Paul E Meyer

Paul E Meyer

As a practitioner for more than 38 years concentrating my practice in the area of family law, I realize that divorce is a very difficult experience for everyone involved, especially the children. Collaborative Law offers an alternative, non-adversarial way for each spouse to help create solutions together for themselves and their family. I am committed to this process as it offers the entire family the best opportunity for resolving their differences in a healthy and productive fashion.

Photo of Jennifer A Shoemaker

Jennifer A Shoemaker

Work and family. Two of the most important areas of life come under Jennifer Shoemaker’s purview as an attorney practicing Family Law and Labor & Employment Law. Jennifer represents clients in the full spectrum of family law issues, including divorce, custody, support actions, the negotiation of separation agreements, adoptions and prenuptial agreements. Her diplomacy, compassion and people skills are an asset to her clients, as is her extensive background in general litigation, dispute settlement and arbitration.

Photo of Michael A Rosenbloom

Michael A Rosenbloom

I have been a practicing attorney for over 30 years. A significant portion of my practice concerns family law, including matrimonial matters involving issues related to finances and parenting. My involvement in these matters has been as advocate, advisor, mediator and law guardian. The process of Collaborative Law offers an opportunity for separating and divorcing couples to choose a process which is transparent, flexible and respectful.…

Photo of Amanda R Insalaco
Photo of Cyndy S Rochford

Cyndy S Rochford

As a trained collaborative attorney and mediator, I am committed to helping my clients work through the transition of their marriage or partnership with dignity and integrity, while minimizing the emotional toll on themselves and their family. In the collaborative process, each party is represented by an attorney and all parties have a common goal of reaching an agreement out-of-court.…

Photo of Loren H Kroll

Loren H Kroll

Collaborative divorce has been described as a civilized and respectful technique for divorcing couples who need zealous legal representation, but also place a premium on avoiding litigation. A combination of angry litigants and unnecessarily aggressive attorneys can lead to long, drawn-out court battles. Collaborative divorce is about settlement, as opposed to contentious litigation. Many couples select the Collaborative Law process because it is a dispute resolution model which provides the opportunity for them to discuss creative choices.…

Photo of Gerald Manioci

Gerald Manioci

After over 30 years of litigating matrimonial and other matters from inception through appeals, I am convinced that proceeding collaboratively is the best way to achieve a result that both parties will follow, and that will provide them closure. I am well qualified in this endeavor: I graduated from the University of Rochester, where I played football and wrestled.…

Photo of Louise R Beale

Louise R Beale

I have been practicing law for over 34 years and have extensive experience in family and matrimonial law. I became involved in Collaborative Law as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation which I felt often did not meet my client’s needs and resulted in the further erosion of the relationship between divorcing parties. This can be especially destructive when children are involved.…

Photo of Suzanne L Brunsting

Suzanne L Brunsting

As a collaborative lawyer and settlement advocate, I help divorcing clients reach good, long-lasting agreements without resorting to the courts. With guidance from caring and experienced collaborative professionals, couples can divorce intelligently and creatively, considerate of one another and of their children. After almost thirty years as an attorney, my practice is now limited to collaborative law and settlement advocacy.…

Photo of Sharon P Stiller

Sharon P Stiller

Sharon P. Stiller is a member of Abrams, Fensterman, Fensterman, Eisman, Formato, Ferrara & Einiger’s Employment Law and Litigation practice groups. She concentrates her practice on employment law, matrimonial, and dispute resolution matters, including those addressed through mediation, arbitration and litigation. She also represents businesses in all types of litigation in federal and state courts as well as before administrative agencies, including contract disputes, discrimination claims and wage disputes.…

Photo of Sarah Escolas

Sarah Escolas

Family, integrity, and respect. Those are the core values for which I live by and the collaborative process allows me to work by.

My clients can expect to receive legal advice and advocacy in an honest, respectful, and thoughtful manner. I am passionate about the collaborative process because it is client centered, focuses on keeping the family unit intact and discourages creating a “us v.…

Photo of Diana Deyo Ryan

Diana Deyo Ryan

Collaborative Attorney and Mediator

Diana Deyo Ryan is an experienced Matrimonial and Family Law attorney who has focused her practice on Collaborative Law since 2001, and is also an Attorney Mediator. She is a partner with the law firm of Kaman, Berlove, Marafioti, Jacobstein and Goldman, LLP.   Ms. Ryan has been recognized in “Best Lawyers in America,” “New York’s Top Lawyers,” and “Best Lawyers in Rochester” for her work as a Collaborative Attorney.…

Photo of Gregory J Mott

Gregory J Mott

Greg Mott, a partner of the firm since 1982, maintains a practice in the areas of matrimonial and family law. Mr. Mott has been recognized as one of the Best Lawyers in America, and as one of New York’s Super Lawyers. His legal practice focuses on counseling medium and upper income clients in the areas of matrimonial, divorce, custody, separation agreements and collaborative family law.…

Photo of David R. Murch Esq

David R. Murch Esq

The best outcomes are achieved by clients who retain control over their own decisions and find a professional that will listen to them. You are the expert about your family and what is most important to you. I provide legal advice and experience and negotiation skills to help you achieve a creative out of court settlement.…

Photo of Nicole Fitzgerald

Nicole Fitzgerald

Photo of Daniel G Cantone

Daniel G Cantone

Dan Cantone is a family law conflict resolution advocate specializing in out-of-court Collaborative Practice and divorce Mediation. He emphasizes the client-centered nature of Collaborative Law and welcomes the team approach of working with fellow Collaborative Attorneys and allied professionals to assist clients in transitioning to living apart. With his office in the western region of Onondaga County, Dan represents clients in Collaborative cases in Cayuga, Seneca, Ontario, Wayne, Yates, Livingston, and Monroe counties, too.…

Photo of Roberta K Feldman

Roberta K Feldman

Having practiced law for nearly 30 years, I have developed a unique understanding of people and their problems. In collaborative law, I have discovered an approach that naturally fits with my strengths and experience as an advocate. I was a member of the first class of local attorneys trained in collaborative law in 2001 and worked in litigation prior to that time and continue to do so.…

Photo of Julie V. Mersereau Esq.

Julie V. Mersereau Esq.

As an attorney in practice for over 30 years, I am committed to using my legal and mediation skills to develop solutions for matrimonial and family law conflict that are constructive not destructive for those involved. The Collaborative Law process allows parties to develop a lasting agreement that provides for their needs and the needs of their children as they move into the future.…

Photo of Stuart L Levison

Stuart L Levison

I have practiced matrimonial and family law for over 30 years as a litigator, mediator and, since 2001, as a collaborative lawyer. I also teach Collaborative Law to other attorneys, judges, financial professionals and mental health professionals here and throughout the country. I help clients solve the potentially difficult problems of spousal maintenance, child support, custody, relocation and the division of assets (including real property, business interests, retirement assets, and professional degrees and licenses) at a most difficult time in their lives.…

Photo of Bryan R Pelkey

Bryan R Pelkey

Photo of Kelly M Ciccone

Kelly M Ciccone

Photo of Christine D Gordon

Christine D Gordon

MY GOAL is to provide experienced legal counsel to those who choose collaborative law. I was admitted to practice law in the State of New York in 1978, after graduating from Cornell Law School in 1977. I spent many years thereafter as a court assistant helping adjudicate family law matters at both the trial and appellate levels.…

Photo of Bette M Gould-Ross

Bette M Gould-Ross

Photo of Mark C Bezinque

Mark C Bezinque

The first to introduce Collaborative Law to the Rochester community, Mr. Bezinque assists his clients in their transition from their current relationship — marriage, domestic partnership — and into their new lives, helping them achieve a lasting resolution that meets their core needs related to their family, financial security, individual privacy and personal dignity. As a Collaborative Law attorney, Mr.…

Photo of Jonanthan C Trotto

Jonanthan C Trotto

Photo of Kenneth J. Aufsesser Esq.

Kenneth J. Aufsesser Esq.

I work in the Collaborative process because it is a process I believe in. While I am an expert in law, you are an expert in your family and this is something that the court system simply does not consider. The court system’s rigid and inflexible nature can exacerbate conflict and lead to poor results for you and your family.…

Photo of Frank N Odorisi

Frank N Odorisi

Photo of Leah T Cintineo

Leah T Cintineo

Photo of Warren Welch

Warren Welch

Photo of Fauna M Pappalardo

Fauna M Pappalardo

Photo of Seema Ali Rizzo

Seema Ali Rizzo

I believe that Collaborative Law provides divorcing couples with a far superior method of reaching resolution than traditional litigation. By encouraging couples to maintain a civil and respectful relationship through the divorce process, Collaborative Law allows divorcing couples to come up with creative resolutions which meet the unique needs of their individual family. Prior to attending law school I obtained my undergraduate degree in Psychology which I believe fundamentally assists me in my practice of matrimonial and family law and specifically in my practice of Collaborative Law.

Photo of Donald A White

Donald A White

For fourteen years I served as confidential law clerk to New York State Supreme Court Justice Robert J. Lunn. For several years during that time Justice Lunn was assigned to the Matrimonial Part and I acted as a matrimonial referee. In that capacity, I saw firsthand how the court based system is ill equipped to fairly and expeditiously resolve the issues commonplace in divorce actions without further driving the parties apart.…

Photo of Michael J Kelly

Michael J Kelly

Photo of Robert M Place

Robert M Place

My goal is to help clients understand their options and to assist divorcing couples reach Agreements which address each spouse’s interests. As part of this process, I help provide a safe environment for discussion, allowing couples to maintain functional family communication. I have been involved with our collaborative group since its inception, nine years ago, and a have had cases with a number of other attorneys from our group.