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Photo of BJ Mann

BJ Mann

BJ Mann helps you resolve issues involved in divorce, separation, child custody or other situations quickly and affordably. The solutions that you and she create support you not only through the separation and divorce process but long after the ink has dried on the agreement.

BJ’s specialty is working through all the issues as a neutral resource, especially in matters regarding care of the children, so there are no surprises later.…

Photo of Suzanne L Brunsting

Suzanne L Brunsting

As a collaborative lawyer and settlement advocate, I help divorcing clients reach good, long-lasting agreements without resorting to the courts. With guidance from caring and experienced collaborative professionals, couples can divorce intelligently and creatively, considerate of one another and of their children. After almost thirty years as an attorney, my practice is now limited to collaborative law and settlement advocacy.…

Photo of Julie V. Mersereau Esq.

Julie V. Mersereau Esq.

As an attorney in practice for over 30 years, I am committed to using my legal and mediation skills to develop solutions for matrimonial and family law conflict that are constructive not destructive for those involved. The Collaborative Law process allows parties to develop a lasting agreement that provides for their needs and the needs of their children as they move into the future.…

Photo of Cyndy S Rochford

Cyndy S Rochford

As a trained collaborative attorney and mediator, I am committed to helping my clients work through the transition of their marriage or partnership with dignity and integrity, while minimizing the emotional toll on themselves and their family. In the collaborative process, each party is represented by an attorney and all parties have a common goal of reaching an agreement out-of-court.…

Photo of JoAnne Pedro-Carroll

JoAnne Pedro-Carroll

Dr. JoAnne Pedro-Carroll is a licensed clinical psychologist with 25 years of experience working with children, adults and families. Dr. Carroll has expertise as a coach and child specialist with families in the process of a divorce. She is a clinician in private practice, former researcher at the University of Rochester’s Childrens Institute, and founder of prevention programs for children and parents dealing with family transitions.…

Photo of June Castellano

June Castellano

The law office offers representation to individuals facing family dissolution and conflict. Ms. Castellano has over thirty years of experience in litigation and negotiation. The firm emphasizes the individual nature of each case. The office is pleased to offer collaborative law to clients. Collaborative law provides a less stressful and more empowering method of resolving family conflict.…

Photo of Gail Ferraioli

Gail Ferraioli

I offer mediation that builds upon trust, respect and dignity. Couples wishing to separate or divorce enter a safe, neutral and healing environment in which to communicate; are coached, if desired, on how to discuss their separation with their children; develop a mutually-defined agreement (referred to as a Memorandum of Understanding) that specifies how they will proceed in regard to parenting, child support, distribution of assets and debts, and spousal maintenance; and learn how to legally process and finalize the completed agreements.…

Photo of Ellen Nakhnikian

Ellen Nakhnikian

I am a licensed psychologist specializing in work with children and families. I have worked with children whose parents are separating or divorcing for over 20 years. I believe that the manner in which a separation or divorce is navigated can have a lasting impact on children’s well being. Because of this belief, I helped to develop the ACT Program here in Rochester, an educational program for parents that provides information on how to reduce conflict and help children through a separation or divorce in the best way possible.…

Photo of Daniel G Cantone

Daniel G Cantone

Dan Cantone is a family law conflict resolution advocate specializing in out-of-court Collaborative Practice and divorce Mediation. He emphasizes the client-centered nature of Collaborative Law and welcomes the team approach of working with fellow Collaborative Attorneys and allied professionals to assist clients in transitioning to living apart. With his office in the western region of Onondaga County, Dan represents clients in Collaborative cases in Cayuga, Seneca, Ontario, Wayne, Yates, Livingston, and Monroe counties, too.…

Photo of Bobbie L Dillon

Bobbie L Dillon

Mediation is a voluntary process. The mediator facilitates a conversation between the parties helping them clarifying their interests and options. As agreements are reached, they are recorded. Mediators work directly with parties or in concert with other professionals. Mediators work in collaborative law settings as neutral third-party facilitators. Collaborative attorneys sometimes enter the mediation process to provide legal information for their clients in a neutral setting.…

Photo of Patricia L Zeller

Patricia L Zeller

Photo of Sarah Escolas

Sarah Escolas

Family, integrity, and respect. Those are the core values for which I live by and the collaborative process allows me to work by.

My clients can expect to receive legal advice and advocacy in an honest, respectful, and thoughtful manner. I am passionate about the collaborative process because it is client centered, focuses on keeping the family unit intact and discourages creating a “us v.…

Photo of Paula Fitzgerald M.A., LMFT

Paula Fitzgerald M.A., LMFT

I began my mental health career over 23 years ago working with adolescent girls in a residential treatment facility. I then moved on to work with women and children in a Battered Women’s shelter and spent 15 years working with high risk children, adults and families as the Out Patient Director for a non-profit agency. During that time I became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.…

Photo of John Sobraske

John Sobraske

Collaborative Facilitator and Child Specialist

John Sobraske graduated from Stanford University, phi beta kappa. He has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from John F. Kennedy University, and subsequently attended the department of Family Social Science and the Institute of Child Development on a post-graduate fellowship. He was voted ‘best clinician’ by the Monroe County Youth and Family Partnership for his community work.…

Photo of Diana Deyo Ryan

Diana Deyo Ryan

Collaborative Attorney and Mediator

Diana Deyo Ryan is an experienced Matrimonial and Family Law attorney who has focused her practice on Collaborative Law since 2001, and is also an Attorney Mediator. She is a partner with the law firm of Kaman, Berlove, Marafioti, Jacobstein and Goldman, LLP.   Ms. Ryan has been recognized in “Best Lawyers in America,” “New York’s Top Lawyers,” and “Best Lawyers in Rochester” for her work as a Collaborative Attorney.…

Photo of Renee O LaPoint

Renee O LaPoint

As a neutral coach and facilitator in the collaborative law process, my goal is to assist clients by supporting each of the parties individually and collectively to be both positive and productive in moving forward with a separation or divorce. The separation/divorce process is a very difficult one; emotionally and financially. My role is to help make the experience easier and smoother for everyone.…