Agenda: First Collaborative Meeting

  1. Establish responsibility for minutes of this meeting
  2. Participants & Professionals introduce themselves, explaining their interest in Collaborative Divorce
  3. Review documents:
    1. Ground Rules
    2. Interest-Based Negotiation
    3. Participation Agreement
    4. Marital Issues for Resolution
  4. Describe professional roles, operation of the team, purpose of meetings
  5. Explore broad goals, key themes, and core interests:
    1. For the process
    2. For one’s life—in the immediate future, 1 year hence, 5 years hence
  6. Review the sequential steps in a case
    1. Gather Information
    2. Explore Options
    3. Negotiate Agreement
    4. Add Remaining Details
    5. Draft Agreement
    6. Review Agreement
    7. Sign Agreement
  7. Identify current family situation regarding residence(s), schedule, immediate concerns
  8. Identify financial status quo and resolve immediate concerns on a short-term basis
  9. Set agenda, assign homework, and summarize current ongoing commitments
  10. Exchange contact information e-mail addresses
  11. Schedule next two meetings