International Academy of Collaborative Professionals

An excellent resource for professionals and clients

Association of Family and Conciliation Courts

An excellent resource on family law and parent-child challenges in divorce

Collaborative Law Institute of Minnesota

A group created by the founder of Collaborative Law, Stuart Webb.

Ithaca Area Collaborative Law Professionals

Collaborative professionals in the Ithaca area

CNY Collaborative Family Law Professionals, Inc.

Collaborative professionals in the Syracuse area

New York Association of Collaborative Professionals

Collaborative Professionals in the New York City metropolitan area

Books about Parenting in Divorce

Will Ackerman, “Does Wednesday Mean Mom’s House or Dad’s?”: Parenting Together While Living Apart

Bob Emery, The Truth about Children and Divorce

Ellen Kellner, The Pro-Child Way: Parenting with an Ex

Vicky Lansky, Divorce Book for Parents

JoAnne Pedro-Carroll, Putting Children First: Proven Parenting Strategies for Helping Children Thrive Through Divorce

Isolina Ricci, Mom’s House, Dad’s House: Making two homes for your child.

Reading a children’s book together to ease feelings and open understanding about divorce.  

Books for Children about Divorce

Melanie Ford et al, My Parents are Divorced Too: A Book for Kids by Kids

For children 10 years old and older. Three stepsiblings in a blended family discuss their experiences and those of their friends with divorce and remarriage.

Priscilla Galloway, Jennifer Has Two Daddies

For children 7-10 years old. Jennifer copes with the challenges of living with her mother and step-father one week and with her father the other week.

Linda Girard, At Daddy’s on Saturday

For children 5-10 years old. Although she feels angry, sad and worried after her parents’ divorce, Katie learns that she can keep a loving relationship with her father even though she does not live with him.

Steve Herman, Two Homes Filled with Love: A Story about Divorce and Separation

For children 4-10 years old. 10-year-old Drew, with help from his pet dragon Diggity Doo, adjusts to living in two homes.

Vicky Lansky, It’s Not Your Fault Koko Bear

For children 3-7 years old. The main character, a preschool bear, works through feelings about parents divorcing.

Claire Masurel, Two Homes

For children 3-7 years old. A boy named Alex focuses on the positive aspects of spending time with each parent in their separate residences.

Despina Mavridou, Mum, Dad can you hear me?

An emotional story about 10-year-old Irene successfully managing her parents’ separation and divorce.

Isolina Ricci, Mom’s House, Dad’s House for Kids: Feeling at Home in One Home or Two

For children 10 years old or older.  Discusses separation, divorce and forming a step-family. Provides practical tips and resiliency tools for kids.

Kathy Stinson, Mom and Dad Don’t Live Together Anymore

For children 5-8 years old. A girl whose parents are separated works through her emotions to become more comfortable with parents living in different homes.