Divorce Course

Assets & Liabilities

Child Support

Custody & Residency

No-Fault Divorce

Spousal Maintenance

Helpful Information

Divorce Course is meant to provide some basic information about core decisions in divorce, including Collaborative Divorce.

Avoid Assumptions

This information can prevent unhelpful assumptions and unrealistic expectations that some people have when entering a divorce process.


Note that divorce formulas can be more complicated than they seem. Speak to your Collaborative Divorce lawyer to learn more.


In the court and in Collaborative Divorce, context is relevant.

Needs and Desires

In Collaborative Divorce, your needs and desires are important, as are those of your children and your spouse.


Remember that, in litigation, judges often depart from the formulas in their ruling.

Fixed Positions

Try not to use this information to figure ‘what should happen’, ‘what you deserve’ or ‘my bottom line’. This can lead to a stuck position and to a longer, less friendly, and more costly process.

Stay Flexible

Stay flexible and patient and let solutions emerge rather than push an already made decision. Keep in mind the broad themes important to each of you, rather than focusing on formulas and numbers. “Let the outcome come.”

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