Is the agreement durable and enforceable?

In Collaborative Divorce, the clients and the team work together to craft an agreement designed to meet everyone’s needs.

People tend to take more ownership of an agreement they crafted themselves—and they are more likely to follow it.

By contrast, a set of rules imposed by others may feel unfair—and may not fit the situation. This outcome is more common in litigation.

In the latter case, people may struggle to follow the rules. And some aspects of a divorce contract are difficult to enforce.

While no one can know the future, Collaborative Divorce tries to account for likely future challenges and possibilities, and provide some guidance to manage these.

Collaborative Divorce agreements usually have a safeguard. In other words, if clients encounter a serious problem that they can’t solve on their own, they can try to work it out with one or more collaborative professionals, before looking at the option of going to court.