Connie M. Fraser

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Connie Fraser Mediation , LLC

150 Allens Creek Rd Suite 150
Rochester NY 14618

Work Phone: 585-750-5077




Connie is passionate about the Collaborative Law process because she has witnessed the transformation that can occur with the help and support of a professional, transparent and trusted team.  Each professional engaged in the Collaborative process works for solutions that will benefit the well being of the entire family.

Connie has over forty years of professional work experience dealing with human relationships and conflict.  I have had extensive training in the areas of communication, conflict resolution and human psychology, which has enabled me to interact positively and compassionately with divorcing couples, attorneys and other allied professionals involved in the Collaborative process; regardless of their backgrounds, core-values, life situations or experiences.  My relationship and responsibility to the team centers on promoting and mirroring effective communication coupled with empowerment, respect, and dignity.’

As a trained Facilitator and Mediator, Connie is steadfast when meeting with divorcing parents as they work with one another to craft and formulate their own unique parenting plans.  She understands the implications of a well-thought out strategy, the challenges that face parents today and the problem-solving techniques that will enable them to co-parent their children in a healthy and safe environment and as cohesively as possible moving forward.