June Castellano, Esq.

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Law Office of June Castellano

150 Allens Creek Rd, Suite 100
Rochester NY 14618

Work Phone: 585-256-1927

Work Fax: 585-242-7873

Email: june@junecastellano.com

Website: www.junecastellano.com


My suburban practice emphasizes divorce and family law. I recognize that legal disputes and family dissolution are traumatic events.

Every client presents with a unique situation. My goal is to help each client transition through the difficult and emotional process in a caring and professional manner.

I personalize my services to provide the legal counseling necessary to respond to the conflicts that accompany family dissolution.

I have over 35 years of experience as an attorney, and more than 10 years of experience in collaborative law. I founded the “The Law Office of June Castellano” in 1999 and place a strong emphasis on educating clients about their rights and responsibilities under the law. As a philosophy, my law office seeks to empower clients so they are partners in making informed decisions in negotiations.

In addition to collaborative law, I am able to offer individuals attorney-based mediation and litigation services.