Mark C Bezinque, Esq.

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Law Offices of Mark Chauvin Bezinque, Esq.

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Rochester NY 14618

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Mr. Bezinque assists his clients in their transition from their current relationship — marriage, domestic partnership — and into their new lives, helping them achieve a lasting resolution that meets their core needs related to their family, financial security, individual privacy and personal dignity. As a Collaborative Law attorney, Mr. Bezinque helps people simplify the confusion of the divorce process and enables them to prioritize their needs. Working together with his clients, he explores and pursues their concerns about parenting plans and residency schedules, spousal and child support, location and valuation of assets and valuation of businesses and real estate. By empowering his clients to make sound legal decisions, they are better prepared to achieve a result they can be proud of and that will last into the future. Mr. Bezinque has a close working relationships with professionals in financial management, mental health and valuation that support the effective implementation of the Collaborative Law process. Mr. Bezinque was the first to introduce Collaborative Law to the Rochester community and has since facilitated conferences and workshops on the topic. He is a frequent speaker on Collaborative Law to professionals and the public and is a founding member and Vice President of the Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area, Inc.